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MIT already released admissions decisions this year. They did so on Pi Day (photo credit: John Phelan).

It’s March 19th. Many of our students who first came to us after the Early Decision or Early Action round have already received likely letters and, in some cases very early offers of admission. Some schools, like MIT, have already released their decisions (they were so excited by Pi Day that they just had to). Apparently the admissions officers at the University of Chicago were pretty excited too, because their admissions decisions came out on March 13th. But we figured we’d share with our readers some of the official Regular Decision notification dates, so they have them for their reference. So here are a few…

Brown University releases their decision on March 31st. Columbia University will do the same on March 31st. Same with Cornell University. And Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Harvard University, too. Duke University’s decisions come out on March 26th. Stanford will release their decisions on April 1st. As will Yale University. Boston College will announce decisions on March 19th (today). Carnegie Mellon? March 28th. Emory University? March 26th.

Getting tired of reading about Regular Decision notification dates? We’ll only bore you with a few more. Johns Hopkins University releases their decisions on March 27th. New York University, you ask? April 1st. Tufts will release their decisions, too, that day. Vanderbilt University? March 22nd. Williams College? March 25th. Bowdoin College? March 21st. Amherst College? April 1st. Ok, we’re getting tired. In short, admission decisions sure are coming soon!


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