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“Of course Jewish applicants and families are rightly upset…but they’re not so short-sighted to eschew the Ivy League for second-tier schools.”

— Brian Taylor, Managing Partner, Ivy Coach The Boston Globe


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’Harvard is Harvard’: Will controversy harm university’s reputation?

Ultimately, any criticism about how the school handled what some students see as increasing antisemitism on campus will take a back seat to the allure of Harvard, said Brian Taylor, managing partner of the admissions consulting company Ivy Coach. Jewish students, as well as Black students who might be dismayed by attacks against Gay, Taylor said, will still apply to and enroll at Harvard. “Of course Jewish applicants and families are upset … but they’re not so short-sighted to eschew the Ivy League for second-tier schools,” he said.

January 5, 2024

U.S. Colleges With Religious Affiliations: What Students Should Know

“While these schools may ask and consider a student’s faith in the admissions process, they still value the same diverse student body, academic freedom and supportive campus community that all top schools do,” says Jayson Weingarten, senior admissions consultant for Ivy Coach.

US News & World Report

May 8, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Dartmouth’s Courageous Response to Protests and Conflict

Unlike so many college administrators who failed to act when confronted with mobs of students and professors who created unproductive and unsafe environments, Beilock — with great clarity of purpose and moral conviction — warned protesters that their actions would have consequences.

The Dartmouth

May 7, 2024

Amid campus protests, some teens and parents reconsider enrollment decisions

Brian Taylor, a managing partner at private admissions coach company Ivy Coach, said the company has seen little change in where students are enrolling, despite the protests, except for one clear pivot.

Is Yield Protection Real?

When enough students decline admission offers, it’s back to the drawing board, Weingarten said. In this case, that drawing board is the waitlist, the “maybe” of college admissions.

Best Colleges

April 23, 2024

Penn should remain test-optional, permanently

Jayson Weingarten, former admissions officer at Penn, said that test scores are “integral” to determining who is best positioned to potentially succeed in higher education.

The Daily Pennsylvanian

April 19, 2024

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Dartmouth and Yale Are Backtracking on ’Test-Optional’ Admissions. Why That Matters

Some higher education experts, such as Ivy Coach’s Weingarten, argue that standardized test scores are no less equitable than other aspects of the college application process.

Education Week

February 28, 2024



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