Description: Informational Video on Parental Stress & The College Application Process. College Consulting from Ivy Coach.

Transcription: Larry King: Hello and welcome back to “Larry King Live.” Today we are here with a young woman who is not famous. She is neither the child of celebrity nor a pop culture icon. Her name is Samantha, and she represents the typical American high school senior applying to college. Some booker I have. Samantha, what is it like to be going through the college application process?

Samantha: Oh, Larry King, it is super stressful. It is really hard to squeeze in thinking about my college essays and getting really good standardized test scores in between watching Darren Criss sing in his skin tight jeans and Blake Lively and Leighton
Meester cat fight on “Gossip Girl.”

Larry King: Does the admissions process cause you and your parents a lot of stress?

Samantha: You ask the difficult questions, Larry King. Katie Couric has nothing on you. You hit it on the nose. My parents and I are at each others’ throats. They say I should have written this essay by now. They say I am not focused on trying to get into a top school. There are lots of doors slamming. I am going nuts.

Larry King: I imagine so are they. How do you navigate the waters of the college admissions process?

Samantha: I get help from my guidance counselor, but she has a lot of students. So my parents play a big role. They try to take control of the process and it is so annoying.

Larry King: How are you, seemingly a typical American teenager, going to stand out from your fellow applicants?

Samantha: I do not know. I just don’t know. My parents keep asking me that, but they don’t know either.

Larry King: Well, for all of you parents and students out there, I suggest you peruse Ivy Coach’s website at Ivy Coach is a top college consulting practice with expertise in the college admissions process.

Samantha: You think Ivy Coach can help me get admitted?

Larry King: I do indeed. But Ivy Coach will also help you and your parents work together and ease the familial tension as you seek to gain admission to the college of your choice. There is enough stress between parents and teenage children as it is. The college admissions process does not have to compound this stress. That is why hiring an independent college consultant like Ivy Coach may be right for you.

Samantha: It sounds expensive. I don’t really care about my parents’ finances, but I’m not sure they would be up for this.

Larry King: That’s a good point, Samantha, but with college costs at upwards of $200,000 for four years, would it not be worth it to invest a bit more money to make sure that parents can send their children to the best school possible for them?

Samantha: You make a good point, Larry King. Hey, what are you still doing here anyway? You were replaced by Piers Morgan.

Larry King: I have a little one. I have got to pay for college somehow. Visit Ivy Coach at

Samantha: Later, Larry King.

Larry King: Later.