Description: Video on Honing Your Own Unique Talents for College. College Consulting from Ivy Coach.

Transcription: Father: Hello, son. I think it’s time we discuss the topic we have been putting off for some time. You’re at that age.

Son: Oh, my G-d. Oh, my G-d.

Father: You are going to be going off to college soon. It is time to get serious about contemplating ways to distinguish yourself so that you can get what you want and get admitted to a highly selective college.

Son: Wait, what?

Father: You need to find an activity that really interests you. All of this computer programming and sitting at your computer all day is not going to get you into a great school.

Son: But, Dad, I like computers and I’m good at it. Look at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or even that Mark Zuckerberg. They are computer nerds, too, and look how successful they are. They have changed the world.

Father: That is nice but you, son, can be good at football or hockey. Your brother got a football scholarship to Michigan. He’s doing so well there.

Son: Dad, look at me. Do I look like Tom Brady? I like computers. I’m good at them. I’m not going to be able to get a girl like Gisele because of my football prowess. I’m going to get a girl like Gisele with my computer programming prowess. Writing code gets me excited. Tossing a pigskin just doesn’t. The other day I was looking at this college consulting company’s website, Ivy Coach, and they say that I should hone my own distinct talent. Football is Bobby’s talent. It’s not mine. Computers are mine. Colleges will like that. They want me to be me.

Father: I see. What website did you get this from?

Son: Ivy Coach at It’s very informative. We should use their services.

Father: I’m proud of you, son.