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April 17, 2022

UPenn Sues Delinquent Alumnus

The New York Post has shined a spotlight on a lawsuit UPenn filed against an alumnus.

Is the University of Pennsylvania pinching pennies? Well, as its founder, Benjamin Franklin, once said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” It seems his university is taking the expression widely attributed to him to heart. Now, we can’t ever recall reading a headline like this one: “UPenn sues big-biz alumnus over $3.3K in unpaid tuition from 2011” but there’s a first for everything! And leave it to The New York Post to bring this story to the surface.

As Conor Skelding reports for the paper founded not by Ben Franklin but rather by Alexander Hamilton, “The University of Pennsylvania is suing an alum who skipped out on $3,361.01 in tuition 11 years ago. Morgan Griff, 33, graduated from Penn in 2011, but still owes an amount that would barely pay a semester meal plan these days, according to the Ivy League institution’s Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit. The sum is small potatoes to Penn, whose endowment totaled $20.5 billion as of 2021. But it shouldn’t be an issue for Griff either, since he’s an executive director at Japanese financial conglomerate Nomura, according to LinkedIn. It’s a job that pays an average of about $235,000 per year — plus another $150,000 in bonuses and stock, according to workplace reviewer Glassdoor.”

This one’s a bit of a head-scratcher for us. Will UPenn be going after all alumni who are delinquent on tuition payments or only the ones who work on Wall Street in high-flying jobs? Maybe UPenn didn’t anticipate this story would lead to an article in The New York Post. Or maybe the school filed the claim as a warning shot against any former students — or future students — who intended not to honor their word. Our guess? The latter. UPenn knows what they’re doing. We’d know something about that too…now wouldn’t we? Oh snap.

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