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Brown University is named after this man. What do you think he would think of mounting tuition costs not only at Brown but at every highly selective college?

Tuition at Brown University is — unsurprisingly — on the rise. We only write unsurprisingly because tuition goes up every year but Brown University is certainly not the only school where this trend is the case. It’s the case across the board. But tell us something we don’t know, Ivy Coach. As reported by the aptly named Matthew Brownsword and Michael Dubin for “The Brown Daily Herald,” tuition will exceed $100,000 a year in the 2028-2029 academic year if tuition at the university continues to rise by an average of 4% each year. Yes, there’s inflation. And then there’s college tuition.

But now is not 2028-2029, rest assured prospective Brown parents and students. Brown has however announced its tuition for this coming academic year and that figure is $68,106 (please note that this figure was previously underestimated — including in a post by us). This figure includes tuition, fees, room, board, books, and personal. Like you, we’re not sure what the “personal” signifies either. Perhaps toothpaste? Well, $1,000 per semester is very expensive toothpaste. Has Crest raised its prices? Of the $68,106 for 2016-2017, $50,224 is earmarked for tuition. The rest is toothpaste. Kidding. The rest is the fees, room, board, etc. And toothpaste.

And while Brown administrators have expressed a desire to bring tuition increases more in line with annual inflation, the fact that Brown’s endowment, valued at $3.3 billion as of last year, is the smallest among the Ancient Eight schools doesn’t exactly help matters. We know, we know. We hear you thinking, “But they have $3.3 billion. Why not dip into their endowment so as to avoid tuition hikes?” That’s not going to happen. With 55% of students at Brown not receiving financial aid, Brown relies on the tuition these students pay. And they rely on tuition hikes each and every year.


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