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The cost of college tuition seems to only go up.

Physics teaches us that what goes up must come down, but college tuition has for years defied the principles of our universe. For the 2012-2013 academic year, Sarah Lawrence College ranks as the single most expensive university in the United States at $61,236. Coming in as the second most expensive university in the nation is New York University at $59,837. In third is Harvey Mudd College at $58,913. In fourth comes the most expensive Ivy League college — Columbia University. With a tuition of $58,742, going to school in the most expensive city in America raises that sticker price.

In fifth is Wesleyan University with a tuition of $58,202. In sixth comes Claremont McKenna College with an annual tuition of $58,065. With the seventh highest tuition in the nation, Dartmouth College ranks as the second most expensive Ivy League college at $57,996 per year. Drexel University comes next with a tuition price of $57,975. The University of Chicago comes in at $57,711, while Bard College comes in at $57,580 a year.

Do you think it’s odd that some universities in big cities rank as some of America’s most expensive schools while so too do some universities in rural or suburban areas? As an example, Columbia is in New York, New York. Dartmouth is in small-town Hanover, New Hampshire. And yet their tuition prices are not very far apart. Why do you think that is? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below! And do you think college tuitions will ever drop?


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