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Berkeley has become the first public university to offer significant financial aid to families with an income of less than $140,000 a year (photo credit: Tristan Harward).

According to “The New York Times,” the University of California – Berkeley announced that come next fall, students from middle class backgrounds will only have to contribute no more than 15% of their annual tuition. This new Berkeley tuition program, according to Rebecca Ruiz of “The New York Times,” is for students whose families earn up to $140,000 a year. So if your parents’ combined income exceeds $140,000, you wouldn’t be eligible for the program.

The change in tuition policy at Berkeley is going to cost the university around $12 million each year but it’s the right thing for the school to do as it helps middle class families finance a college education. Often times, it’s the middle class families who aren’t eligible for the financial aid packages at various schools and therefore certain schools become off-limits to students. Berkeley hopes to help these middle class families with their efforts.

According to Jennifer Medina of “The New York Times” on the topic of Berkeley tuition, “While several elite private universities — including the Ivy League triumvirate of Harvard, Princeton and Yale — offer similar programs for families with incomes up to $200,000, experts said that Berkeley was the first public university to do so. For the most part, public colleges have focused on merit scholarships to lure top students and aid for the poorest families to ensure access, but many now worry that approach has left out a wide group of families.”

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