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July 7, 2023

UPenn Transfer Admission Rate

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A record number of students applied as transfers to Penn this year.

Originally Published on July 19, 2019:

A record 3,516 students applied for transfer admission to the University of Pennsylvania for enrollment in fall 2021 (the most recent year UPenn has released transfer admissions data). Of these 3,516 transfer applicants, 161 earned admission, and 118 chose to enroll at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based institution.

The transfer admission rate thus stood at 3.36% — the lowest transfer admission rate in UPenn’s history, eclipsing the 5.89% transfer admission rate for students who applied for fall 2019 enrollment. 

Record-Low University of Pennsylvania Transfer Acceptance Rate

A few years ago, when UPenn set a then-record low transfer admission rate of 5.89%, Ayelet Rubenstein reported for The Daily Pennsylvanian, “The acceptance rate of 5.9% constitutes a marked decrease from recent years. Penn accepted 7.6% of transfer applicants last year and 8.1% in 2017. From 2013-2016, the transfer acceptance rate wavered around 8-9%. The decreasing transfer student acceptance rate also mirrors the declining trend in Penn’s undergraduate acceptance rate, which hit a record-low of 7.44% for the Class of 2023 in March.”

UPenn’s Declining Transfer Admit Rate Mirrors First-Year Admit Rate

UPenn’s overall first-year acceptance rate would dip further for the Class of 2025 when 5.7% of students earned admission. UPenn’s overall first-year acceptance rates for the Class of 2026 and the Class of 2027 have yet to be made available.

UPenn Typically Receives the Second-Most Transfer Applications Among Ivies

Typically, UPenn receives the second-highest number of transfer applications among the Ivy League colleges — trailing only Cornell University. This trend, of course, is unsurprising given that Cornell and UPenn have, respectively, the largest and second-largest enrollments in the Ivy League.

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