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Transfer admission deadlines are quickly approaching (photo credit: Dansan4444).

The deadlines for transfer admission are approaching. If you’re a student considering transferring colleges, you should, first and foremost, be sure that you actually want to transfer. If you’re on the fence, consider giving the college you’re at another chance. It’s a hard world to find love out there. Maybe you already have and you just don’t realize it. So walk around your campus. Look at the smiling students. Learn something from one of your lectures on the indigenous people of Hawaii. Maybe you’ll realize that you have it pretty good. But if you still don’t, then don’t wait until the very last minute to start those transfer applications because procrastinating won’t help.

The time is now to get going on transfer applications — from the Personal Statement to the many supplemental essays. The time is now to visit these schools rather than waiting until seeing if you end up getting in. Highly selective colleges want to know that you love them, that you’d go there if you were admitted. If you don’t visit, just think what they’ll be led to believe. Today’s Valentine’s Day. That’s like not giving your spouse a bar of chocolate. You’ve got to show people — and highly selective colleges — that you love them. Highly selective colleges and people are insecure like that. They want to feel special. So make them feel special.

If you’re seeking Ivy Coach’s assistance with your transfer applications, the time is now. So, aspiring transfer students, fill our our free consultation form today and we’ll get back to you to get the ball rolling. And if you don’t hear back from us right away, don’t worry, you’ll hear from us. Just like in dating. Sometimes, the best things in life come with patience. You’ll scare someone off if you contact them too many times. Desperate doesn’t work in dating and it doesn’t work on Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.


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