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We work with transfer students mostly over the summer months before they start at college.

Thinking of transferring colleges? Maybe you just graduated from high school and you’re not too happy with how the college admissions process turned out. Maybe you had high hopes of earning admission to a more selective school than the school you’ll be matriculating to this fall. Maybe you realize you made some mistakes on your applications. Maybe you realize you presented yourself in a way that made you unlikable. Maybe your application didn’t showcase your love for learning. Maybe it read as cliché. You probably don’t know exactly what went wrong when you applied to the colleges of your dreams if those dreams didn’t come to fruition. But we can tell you what went wrong so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

A Postmortem Evaluation for Rising College First-Year Students

We offer a postmortem college admissions evaluation to rising first-year college students who aren’t happy with their college choice. During this evaluation, we’ll go through every component of the student’s Common Application, their transcript, and all the supplements we can review within the time frame. We’ll let you know what went wrong in every essay. We’ll let you know if you came across as well-rounded (a faux pas) as opposed to singularly talented. We’ll let you know how you did your candidacy a disservice.

But we’ll also tell you what you can do to improve your case for admission should you wish to apply as a transfer student this coming spring. Maybe it means telling your story in a whole new way (this is likely!). Maybe it means taking a course you should have taken but never took. Maybe it means retaking a certain test or leaving off the fact that you shadowed a physician in your Activities portion of the application. Maybe it means leaving out the longwinded explanation of why you got a bad grade in AP Chemistry in the Additional Information section (college admissions officers hate excuses and you don’t want them to think you’re all about your grades!). The list goes on.

While it can hurt to hear what a student did wrong in the college admissions process, we find students get over this hurt by the next day — and they can then start tackling the transfer process. We generally work with transfer students during the months before their first year of college. And why? Because we want them focused on their college coursework at college. We want them focused on the activities we’d like them to get involved in at college. We want them to enjoy their college experience. And when that time comes in the spring to submit transfer applications, it’ll all already be done. With a few minor adjustments, these students will be all but ready to click submit.

While you’re here, read about why transfer students are data ghosts. Not sure what that means? We’ll explain.


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