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At Ivy Coach, we help students intending to transfer colleges with their applications over the summer before their freshman year of college.

If you happen to be a student who just finished navigating the highly selective college admissions process and maybe it didn’t turn out as well as you would have liked, now is an opportune time to consider your options. Maybe you dreamed of earning admission to an Ivy League school and the most selective school you earned admission to was a school that happens not to be ranked among the top 25 in US News & World Report. Maybe you don’t want to attend that school at all or — even if you do choose to attend as a first-year student — you know you’re already intent on applying to more highly selective colleges again as a transfer student.

We Offer a Postmortem Evaluation for Students Intending to Transfer Colleges

For starters, let’s stop the sulking and start taking proactive measures to correct course. What we recommend is Ivy Coach’s Postmortem Evaluation in which we’ll go through every component of your applications that you submitted this past admissions cycle and let you know precisely what went wrong. Maybe you presented yourself as well-rounded in your activities section — as good at sports, music, community service, and, heck, even juggling. Elite colleges aren’t look for well-rounded students. Rather, they seek to admit singularly talented students. Maybe you bragged in one of your essays or maybe you didn’t tailor a Why College essay to a given school (sentences like “I seek to study the liberal arts” can apply to any school in America and fail to demonstrate to a school that you love them above all other schools).

There are likely many mistakes that were made in your college applications and before we go about figuring out how to correct course, we first need to identify these issues. Once we do so, we’ll help students brainstorm a singular talent and how they can demonstrate that talent through the rest of senior year and through their first year of college. We’ll go through the kinds of activities we want students to get involved in at the school they’ll be attending as freshmen. And if they’re considering taking a gap year in lieu of going to college next year (even if it’s a college they don’t wish to attend), we’ll let them know about the potential major pitfalls of this decision. No matter how intent they may be of taking said gap year.

We Help Students Prepare Transfer Applications the Summer Before Freshman Year of College

And then over the course of this coming summer, we’ll work with students on their new applications for transfer admission. Maybe they’ll apply to some schools they didn’t consider applying to as high school seniors as part of our transfer strategy. But even if they do apply to the same schools, they’re certainly not going to be presenting themselves in the same way. Why make the same mistake twice when you’ve really only got one more crack at earning admission to elite schools? And our students will more or less complete their transfer applications before they even leave for their first year of college — so they can enjoy their first year of college and not have to stress about getting their transfer applications into outstanding shape.

The applications will all be ready (save for a few changes in the weeks leading up to the March deadlines based on their activities and experiences in college). This way, they’ve got the most outstanding applications possible for submission in March and they can focus on their coursework and college experience. How can they get great grades and make lifelong friends if they’re stressed out about transfer applications? Come March, heck, they may not even wish to transfer. But if they do, they’re ready and they’re going to submit the most outstanding applications possible so the process goes very differently than it did just a year earlier.


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