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April 25, 2024

Ivy League Transfer Deadlines for 2025

The gothic architecture of Yale's campus is featured beyond a snowy lawn.
The Ivy League transfer deadlines are in March (photo credit: IceUnshattered).

If you’re seeking to apply as a transfer applicant to one of the eight Ivy League schools, you’re likely wondering when your applications will be due. While transfer deadlines can vary depending on the school to which a student is applying, the transfer deadlines among the eight Ivy League schools are all in March.

2025 Ivy League Transfer Deadlines

Below is a breakdown of the transfer admission deadlines at each of the eight Ivy League schools.

Ivy League SchoolTransfer Admission Deadline
Brown UniversityMarch 1, 2025
Columbia UniversityMarch 1, 2025
Cornell UniversityMarch 15, 2025
Dartmouth CollegeMarch 1, 2025
Harvard UniversityMarch 1, 2025
University of PennsylvaniaMarch 15, 2025
Princeton UniversityMarch 1, 2025
Yale UniversityMarch 1, 2025

Ivy Coach’s Assistance with Transfer Admission to the Ivy League

At Ivy Coach, we work with two types of transfer candidates: students unhappy with their college results and intent on transferring and students who realize they don’t love the college they chose.

For students who first come to us in the spring of their senior years and are unhappy with their admissions decisions, we help them prepare transfer applications over the summer before they enroll in college. This way, they can get their transfer applications in outstanding shape before they get bogged down with college work. These students can then promptly forget about their transfer applications and go on to enjoy their first year of college at the best school they got into.

We advise these students on the coursework they should be taking and the activities they should be involved in at the school they’ll be attending. Of course, some things may go differently than planned. As such, we’ll make some application changes, typically minor ones, in the early months of the New Year, before the March transfer deadlines.

For the other batch of students who first come to us after they’ve already enrolled in college and have decided that college isn’t right for them, we get started on their transfer applications as soon as they come to us, guiding them through every aspect of the transfer admissions process.

Getting Started with Ivy Coach on Ivy League Transfer Applications

If you’re interested in optimizing your case for admission to an Ivy League school as a transfer applicant, fill out Ivy Coach’s complimentary consultation form. We’ll then be in touch to delineate our transfer admissions services.

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