Last Minute Transfer Application Review

The transfer admission deadlines are upon us (photo credit: Namkota).

Will you be applying for transfer admission in just a few short days? March 1st is right around the corner. Maybe you’ve completed your applications and you believe they’re all ready to go, but a voice in your head is telling you that there might be some significant room for improvement. Maybe you’re concerned your answer to the essay prompt that asks why you wish to transfer makes you come across as too negative about the university you currently attend. That’s not a good thing! Maybe you’re concerned you didn’t get involved in a whole lot of activities at your current institution and you’re not sure how to address this absence of information. Maybe there are some other universities you were contemplating applying to — or universities you hadn’t previously considered — that should be added to your list before the deadline. Maybe you’re making similar mistakes to the ones you made on your applications as a high school senior because no one ever pointed out to you what those mistakes were in a postmortem. In any case, it’s not too late to make significant changes to your applications so you can improve your odds of admission in the transfer round.

In our experience, too many transfer applicants make the same mistakes they made on their college applications when they applied as high schoolers. And why? Because they never found out what those mistakes were in the first place.

What we recommend is our one-hour evaluation in which we go through every section of your Common Application and every section of two to three supplements of the universities to which you’ll be applying to in just a few short days. Maybe you’re making mistakes in seemingly innocuous questions of the applications. Maybe you’re writing essays that are cliché. Maybe you’re not demonstrating to each school to which you’ll be applying that you’ve done your homework on the institutions. And, no, dropping professor names or referencing names of courses that you can cut and paste from a course catalogue do not demonstrate you’ve done your homework. Every university wants to be loved. Too often, college applicants don’t know how to properly demonstrate their love.

If you’re interested in signing up for Ivy Coach’s one-hour evaluation for transfer applicants who will be applying in just a few short days, fill out our free consultation form and we’ll soon be in touch. We understand that deadlines are fast approaching and, yes, we are absolutely working this weekend! Hey, it’s the weekend and we’re about to have us some fun!


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  • jefrey says:

    will transfer admission be easier/harder for T-7 schools?

  • Josephbsperling says:

    What is a T-7 school? Top 7? Sounds like a silly knock-off of the M-7 or T20. Either way nobody knows what you’re talking about. We already have enough titles with Ivy’s Ivy+ schools and top 20s. Let’s not get too pedantic.

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