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If you’re a high school senior who isn’t happy with where you’ll be attending college next year, now is an excellent time to begin working on your transfer applications (photo credit: Andreas Praefcke).

If you went through the admissions process this past year as a high school senior and aren’t satisfied with the school you’ll be attending next year, now is an excellent time to begin planning to transfer. Once you get busy with coursework at the university you will be attending, you may be overwhelmed. Not to mention, you’ll want to enjoy your college experience next year…even if it’s not at the school of your dreams. And, by the way, how you spend your summer before college matters. If you hope to transfer to an elite university, spending it soaking in the sun on a beach is not the way to go. We at Ivy Coach would help you map out how you spend your upcoming summer months. We would help you create a compelling narrative to show rather than tell admissions officers what your passions are and what you’re all about so you stand out from so many other applicants.

Now the fact is that you’re going to a college next year so you might as well make the most of this experience. Does that mean you shouldn’t work on transferring to a highly selective university that you still dream of attending? No. But if you hope to transfer to an elite university, you might as well start now because if you begin working with us later in the year, we won’t have an opportunity to help you shape your summer months into a productive and rewarding experience that will help sway admissions officers to want to fight for you in the admissions process. The transfer process is even tougher for students than the process you went through as a high schooler.

So, if you’re interested in our help as you hope to get into a highly selective college during the next transfer admissions cycle, fill out our consult form today and we’ll set up a time for a free 20-minute consultation to discuss our service offerings best for you.


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