Congratulations to Our Transfer Students

Congrats to Our Transfers, Transfer Applicants, Transfer Students

We are very happy for our transfer students who’ve earned admission to the colleges of their dreams! Wahoo!

Congratulations to all of our students who earned admission as transfer applicants during these last days! For those of you not familiar with the competitiveness of the transfer admissions process, it is always more competitive than the admissions process for first-year applicants. There are, quite simply, fewer slots. But what we’ve long loved about the transfer admissions process is that schools often admit students who they wouldn’t admit if they were applying as first-year applicants. An Ivy League college will admit a student who has excelled at a local university few have ever heard of. An Ivy League college will admit a military veteran or a student with an unusual background, maybe one who had to work to provide for his or her family for years in between high school and applying to college.

Highly selective colleges will dare to admit the non-traditional student during the transfer admissions process. After all, it is important to note that the admissions statistics for transfer students do not impact a university’s “US News & World Report” ranking. So a university can admit the student with so-so SAT scores who happens to have one heck of a compelling story. But the transfer admissions process isn’t only for the non-traditional student. It’s a terrific opportunity for students who didn’t play their cards right as first-year applicants to get it right the second time. Maybe they submitted terrible essays. Maybe their high school grades weren’t particularly good, but they did really well during the first semester of college. Maybe they just needed time to mature. And, again, maybe they submitted terrible essays the first time around. Hint, hint.

Transfer admissions is an opportunity for all kinds of students to gain admission to their dream colleges. It’s a chance to correct mistakes. It’s a chance to capitalize on a Mulligan. Yes, a Mulligan. So congratulations to all of our students who earned admission to the colleges of their dreams this week and last for defying the odds of the always bleak transfer admissions statistics. We are so happy for you and we’re glad your future alma maters got it right. Now go out and celebrate. And if you’re reading our college admissions blog, you are not properly celebrating.

While you’re here, read about how transferring colleges is on the rise. But not you, our admitted transfer students, do not read on. Go out and celebrate. Seriously.


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