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January 15, 2019

Community College Transfers to Top Universities

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The majority of transfer students admitted to Princeton last year were veterans of America’s military (photo credit: David Keddie).

If you’re a community college student who thinks transferring to a highly selective college, like an Ivy League college, is out of reach, know that these schools seek out — and indeed covet — community college students during the transfer admissions round. These schools believe community college transfers can add great diversity to their student bodies, that the unique perspectives of these students can add to the richness of the admitting institutions. And they’re right, which isn’t all that surprising. But what may be surprising to some is that community college transfers to selective universities graduate at higher rates than do first-time freshmen or transfers from four-year colleges, according to a new report.

Highly Selective Colleges Covet Community College Students in Transfer Round

As Adam Harris reports for a piece in “The Atlantic” entitled “Community-College Students Succeed at Elite Schools—When They’re Admitted,” “Once students get into such selective schools—with all of the money, prestige, and support that comes with them—they tend to perform well, stay in school, and graduate. According to a new report from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, that is particularly true of students who transfer from community colleges. The report, released Tuesday, finds that graduation rates of community college transfers meet or exceed those of students who enroll at selective institutions as first-time freshman. They also graduate at higher rates than students who transfer from other four-year colleges.”

Veteran Transfer Admits to Highly Selective Colleges Often Hail from Community Colleges

We’re not particularly surprised that transfer students from community colleges would graduate at higher rates at our nation’s selective schools than other students. If we had to sum up in one word why we believe transfers from community college graduate at higher rates at America’s selective colleges, that word would be grit. We see that grit firsthand in many of the community college transfer students with whom we work on a pro bono basis at Ivy Coach — community college transfer students who also happen to be veterans of America’s military. So, yeah, they’ve got some grit.

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