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September 18, 2019

UChicago’s Slip in 2020 US News Ranking

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The University of Chicago slipped in this year’s US News & World Report college rankings (photo credit: Richie Diesterheft).

The University of Chicago, a school that announced in June of 2018 that it was going test-optional in admissions, slipped in the 2020 US News & World Report college ranking — from a four-way tie for third in 2019 along with Columbia University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Yale University to a three-way tie for sixth along with Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania. The University of Chicago had ranked #3 for three straight years in the US News rankings so what explains the slip in the 2020 edition?

UChicago’s Social Mobility Score Hurt Its 2020 US News Ranking

A writer for the University of Chicago’s student newspaper, The Chicago Maroon, attempts to explain the slip and we happen to agree with his assessment. As Deepti Sailappan reports for The Chicago Maroon in a piece entitled “UChicago’s U.S. News Ranking Slips to No. 6, After Three Years at No. 3,” “The U.S. News rankings take into account standardized test scores, graduation rates, and a variety of other factors, with increased focus this year on criteria relating to social mobility for students from low-income backgrounds…Notably, the 2020 U.S. News rankings reflect an increased focus on social mobility for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, in evaluating schools’ six-year graduation rates, the U.S. News rankings began giving weight to the percentage of first-generation college students graduating. This year’s rankings also used federal government data on the percentage of students with Pell Grants for colleges that don’t report it themselves. Previously, those schools’ Pell Grant percentages would not have been reflected in their overall rankings…UChicago’s social mobility ranking is No. 335; the next lowest-ranked school in the top 10 overall rankings is Yale, at No. 285. Columbia, the highest-rated top school in social mobility, is No. 138.”

Why do our readers think the University of Chicago slipped in the 2020 US News & World Report college rankings? Do our readers think UChicago will bounce back to #3 next year or will the school slip further down the rankings? Let us know your thoughts by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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