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“Forbes” loves Pomona College. And we have a feeling that Pomona loves “Forbes” back (photo credit: Officialpomonacollege).

‘Tis the season for college rankings. And “Forbes” has come out with its ranking, one the publication dubs “America’s Top Colleges.” So which university wins the grand prize? Hold your horses. We like to reveal the winner later on. Ok, fine. Pomona College ranks first this year, followed by Williams College, Stanford University, Princeton University, Yale University, Harvard University, Swarthmore College, Brown University, Amherst College, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That rounds out the top ten.

And if you’re surprised that Pomona and Williams top the list, don’t be. These schools regularly appear at or near the very top of the “Forbes” college ranking. As according to “Forbes,” “Pomona College moved Williams University out of first place and into the No. 2 spot on this year’s rankings. Stanford University moved down to No. 3 from 2nd place last year, followed by Princeton University (No. 4) and Yale University at No. 5.The three highest ranking public schools are University of California, Berkeley (No. 35), University of Virginia (No. 36), and the College of William & Mary (No. 39). Wellesley College (No. 26) was ranked the best all-women’s college.”

If you’re wondering what goes into the secret sauce behind “Forbes'” college rankings, colleges are ranked based upon a return-on-investment scale. Colleges in which students graduate with low debt, where graduation rates are high, students are satisfied and end up finding career success rank highly. A major percentage of first-year students at Pomona receive grants — grants that are often around $40,000. That’s quite a chunk of change, particularly when tuition at the school averages $62,632. And, yes, Pomona students have the distinct opportunity to take coursework at other schools within the Claremont Colleges consortium…so that leads to happy students!

We find that when a student has Pomona on his or her list, this student loves Pomona and the student wants to go to Pomona over all other schools. There’s no stopping this student. Why would we…it’s a great university.


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  • Kirk says:

    The Return on Investment (ROI) rankings that I’ve seen usually have Harvey Mudd and Caltech at or near the top. However, the Forbes Top College ranking addressed in this blog is heavily weighted for ROI but Harvey Mudd and Caltech are far down the list. Do you have any idea why? Thanks!

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