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Caltech tops the “Times Higher Education” ranking of colleges across the globe this year (photo credit: Canon.vs.nikon).

There’s a new ranking of colleges out and this one happens to be a global one. “Times Higher Education” has unveiled the 2011 list of the world’s best colleges. Topping the list is not Harvard but rather the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), a university that has owned the top spot in the “US News & World Report” rankings in previous years.

So which college ranks second? You guessed it. Harvard. Taking third is Stanford followed by Oxford, Princeton, Cambridge, MIT, Imperial College, University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, Yale, Columbia, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, ETH Zurich, Penn, UCL, Michigan, University of Toronto, and Cornell. The only Ivy League colleges that didn’t make the top twenty cut in a list dominated by American institutions are Dartmouth College and Brown University.

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