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We’re not so sure that Ben Franklin would be all that pleased that Penn recently topped one particular college ranking.

We came across an interesting college ranking. It’s the ranking of top party schools, as reported by “Business Insider.” It should be noted that the ranking, however, was conducted by…”Playboy Magazine.” Yes, you’ve read that correctly. While it should come as no surprise that certain universities near the top of the ranking, this year’s #1 ranked party school came as a surprise to us. Because who knew that the University of Pennsylvania throws such big parties? At least according to the source.

According to an article on this college ranking in “Business Insider,” “The Ivy League school tops Playboy’s ninth annual list of party schools, its first appearance in the ranking. Last year’s number one school, West Virginia University, fell to number three on Playboy’s list. ‘Smarties can party too, and UPenn puts other Ivies to shame with its union of brains, brewskies and bros,’ Playboy writes. ‘Boasting a notorious underground frat scene that school officials have deemed a nuisance, these renegades pony up thousands of dollars’ worth of liquor for their parties—and competition among the houses means a balls-out war of debauchery.'” This may not be a ranking that administrators at the University of Pennsylvania are too fond of bragging about!

If you’re curious about which other universities appear on this ranking, #10 is Syracuse University, #9 is University of Texas, #8 is Colorado State University, #7 is University of Miami (shocker!), #6 is University of California – Santa Cruz, #5 is University of Iowa, #4 is University of Arizona (another shocker — not really!), #3 is West Virginia University, and #2 is University of Wisconsin. But apparently no university parties as hard as Penn.

Does that surprise you? We’re not so sure how this particular magazine arrived at these rankings and if there’s any actual data involved in their “calculations” — or if it’s just based on subjective opinion — but we’re curious to hear where you stand on the question of whether or not Penn really is a big party school. So let us know your thoughts by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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  • james says:

    Penn is a very unique school that is the embodiment of work hard-play hard. Here you will find people who are able to get straights As, balance many extracurricular activities/leadersdhip positions (a very important aspect of the Penn undergraduate experience) but who are also be very sociable and know how to party. I am a sophomore at Penn I really enjoy this energizing and exciting culture.

  • penn says:

    Penn is a school where the people who thrive the most are those who can endure a rigorous academic experience but can also actively pursue other interests outside the classroom and know how to be sociable and have fun.

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