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January 9, 2017

Highest Paid College Presidents

“Forbes” has a piece on America’s highest paid university presidents.

Curious to know which American college presidents are the most well compensated? We know you couldn’t sleep last night because you were itching to know. Ok, maybe you didn’t lose sleep over not knowing the answer to this pressing question. But we’ll satiate your curiosity anyway. So here goes, all thanks to “Forbes,” a publication that loves to rank just about everyone and everything.

Cornell University’s president, David J. Skorton, is the tenth highest paid college president. He takes in $1,618,328, according to “Forbes.” James F. Jones, Jr. of Trinity College takes in $1,661,794. Those extra four dollars might be able to buy him a Big Mac! Robert J. Zimmer of the University of Chicago — his annual take is $2,051,089. Robert Fisher of Belmont University makes $2,120,091 a year. Perhaps some of that money would be better spent on branding since few have ever heard of Belmont University? Sorry Belmont. We went there. We did.

Morton O. Schapiro of Northwestern University makes $2,352,578 a year. He’s like the NBA-equivalent of a mid-level exception player. Kind of. We’re not so sure his bball skills are so good though. Lee C. Bollinger of Columbia University ranks as the fifth highest paid college president in America. He makes $2,447,032 annually. Amy Gutmann (nice to see a woman’s name alas!) of the University of Pennsylvania makes $2,962, 708 a year. Way to go Amy! Gerald Turner of Southern Methodist University makes $3,354,128 a year. Mark S. Wrighton of Washington University in St. Louis takes in $4,185,866 annually.

But it’s…wait for it…Jack P. Varsalona of Wilmington University (that’s in Delaware) who ranks as the highest paid college president in America, as reported by “Forbes.” His annual take? $5,449,405. Whoever negotiated his salary…we’d like to place you on immediate retainer so do reach out to us and we’ll be sure to get in touch. We kid. Or do we?

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