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“Forbes” has once again ranked Stanford the top entrepreneurial college. Surprise, surprise.

A little while back, “Forbes” once again released its ranking of the top entrepreneurial colleges. In 2013, Stanford University topped the list. In 2014, Stanford has claimed the top prize again. Writes “Forbes,” “Its entrepreneurs don’t always wait for degrees. Among its famous dropouts: Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin; Yahoo’s Jerry Yang and David Filo; and Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel.” Alright, so Stanford wins again. But which university ranked second, you ask? That would be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Writes “Forbes,” “Its student-run $100K Entrepreneurship Competition has led to the creation of more than 130 companies and 2,500 jobs.” That’s pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say? More colleges should have such competitions!

Coming in third is Berkeley so California schools claimed two of the top three slots. Writes “Forbes,” “Berkeley has three startup incubators on campus, including SkyDeck, a joint effort of the university’s research office and its business and engineering schools.” Placing fourth is Cornell University followed by UCLA, Caltech, Brown, Princeton, Pepperdine, Dartmouth, RPI, Yale, Clark (surprising, wouldn’t you say?), Syracuse, Southern Methodist, NYU, Howard, San Diego State, University of Colorado -Boulder, USF, USC, UT – Austin, Carnegie Mellon, Miami, Northwestern, Denver, BU, American, and Brigham Young. That rounds out the top 30 entrepreneurial colleges as according to “Forbes.”

Do you think a university should have been included in the top 30? Harvard came in at #34! Do you think Harvard should have been ranked higher? We’re curious to hear your thoughts on the entrepreneurial colleges ranking by “Forbes” so post away your Comments! We look forward to hearing from you.


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