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May 7, 2011

College Rankings and Graduation Rate

College Rankings, Graduation Rate, Williams Graduation Rate
Williams students have a tendency to graduate (photo credit: Tim4403224246).

Williams College leads the way with the highest graduation rate of students in four years in the nation. And Williams is in good company with other top universities like Yale, Bowdoin, Annapolis, Duke, Wesleyan, Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame, Vassar, Penn, Davidson, Pomona, and Haverford also nearing the top of the list. Graduation rate is a component of the “US News & World Report” overall college rankings — in fact it is part of the “graduation and freshman retention” component as well as the “graduation rate performance” component of the formula.

On May 3rd, “US News & World Report” released its ranking of four-year colleges with the highest rate of students graduating in four years. Do you think highly competitive universities will have lower graduation rates than, say, less competitive universities because the material is harder? Or because there is stronger competition from fellow students at these universities? Think again. Many of the universities that appear at the top of the college rankings based on graduation rate are some of the most competitive universities in the land. Let’s take a look at the top of the list.

1. Williams College – 93%.

2. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering – 91%.

3. Yale University – 90%.

3. University of Notre Dame – 90%.

3. Princeton University – 90%.

6. Carleton College – 89%.

6. Davidson College – 89%.

6. Pomona College – 89%.

6. Bowdoin College – 89%.

6. United States Naval Academy – 89%.

6. Duke University – 89%.

12. Wesleyan University – 88%.

12. Harvard University – 88%.

12. Haverford College – 88%.

12. Boston College – 88%.

12. Vassar College – 88%.

12. Washington & Lee University – 88%.

12. Bucknell University – 88%.

12. University of Pennsylvania – 88%.

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