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Dartmouth College topped this year’s Forbes “Grateful Grads” ranking.

Forbes has released its annual “Most Successful, Grateful Grads” ranking of colleges. So what exactly is this particular college ranking all about? Well, as Anna Corradi and Matt Schifrin report for Forbes, it’s essentially the Marie Condo of college rankings. Yes, you read that correctly. The litmus test of this college ranking is essentially: does your alma mater “spark joy” enough to inspire you to donate to the school? Come on…we know that got you to giggle just a little bit. We see you folding those t-shirts into tiny little boxes to put neatly into your drawers while you read our blog.

The Methodology Behind the Grateful Grads College Ranking

As Corradi and Schifrin report, “We boil down the analysis to a single factor. Does your Alma mater ‘spark joy’ in your heart, enough to cause you to reach into your wallet and show your gratitude in the form of a donation? Ask any university president and she will tell you that producing happy and successful alumni is the primary goal of every college, and our proprietary Grateful Graduates Index measures this in two ways: by looking at the seven-year median gifts per full-time enrolled student and the average percentage of alumni who give back, regardless of the amount in which they give. The second measure helps smaller liberal arts colleges like Wellesley College in Massachusetts and Carleton College in Minnesota, whose graduates tend to earn less but whose educations have nonetheless provided invaluable non-monetary returns.”

Dartmouth College Tops 2019 Grateful Grads Ranking

So which university topped the 2019 Forbes “Most Successful, Grateful Grads” ranking? That would be Dartmouth College. Finishing second is Williams College and rounding out the top ten are: Princeton University, Notre Dame University, Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Davidson College, Claremont McKenna College, Haverford College, and Wabash College, respectively. Additionally, Duke University took 13th, Stanford Univeresity took 15th, Brown University took 16th, Yale University took 17th, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology took 19th, the University of Pennsylvania took 21st, Harvard University took 37th, Cornell University took 39th, Northwestern University took 49th, and Columbia University took 72nd.

Way to go Dartmouth, Williams, Princeton, and the rest of the schools that were featured at or near the top of this particular college ranking!


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