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Stanford’s application for admission is the most expensive in the nation for 2015 (photo credit: King of Hearts).

With several thousand posts up on our college admissions blog, we don’t think we’ve ever blogged about college application fees. So let’s change that. “US News & World Report,” the market leader in college rankings, has released a ranking of the most expensive universities to apply to. Not based on tuition dollars. Based on application fees. Because of course this is deserving of a ranking. Everything needs to be ranked. Just ask sports writers these days who are trying to figure out where the retiring Kobe Bryant ranks among the great basketball players of all time. Surely among them if you ask us.

But how we digress. Whatever, our regular readers know we are regular digressers. Deal with it. So which university tops the ranking as the university with the single most expensive application fee for 2015? That’d be one of America’s most elite universities, Stanford University. Stanford’s fee? $90. That can buy a very nice dinner for two in Brooklyn. Probably not in Manhattan. But maybe? On Stanford’s heels is another of America’s most elite institutions, Columbia University ($85). So if you’re debating between Stanford and Columbia and want to save $5, go with Columbia. Ok, that would be a rather bizarre way of arriving at a college to attend. Particularly as Columbia tops rankings of most expensive Ivy League colleges based on annual tuition (after all, Columbia is in Manhattan). Oh and Duke’s application is $85 too. Sorry for the brief mention, Duke.

In 2015, no college in America charged students more to apply than Stanford University. With honorable mention to Columbia and Duke.

Following Columbia and Duke are: Boston University ($80), Dartmouth College ($80), University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill ($80), University of Southern California ($80), Villanova University ($80), and Yale University ($80). There are then too many schools to list that charge $75, including many of our nation’s most selective institutions. Check out the “US News & World Report” ranking by college application fee for more detailed information.


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