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May 1, 2013

Another College Ranking

Of all of the factors included in the “US News & World Report” college rankings, sexiness isn’t one of them. But thank heavens for “BuzzFeed” because they’ve got a ranking of the sexiest smart colleges. According to “BuzzFeed,” “Sexiness has been tragically ignored by most college ranking systems (we’re looking at you, US News & World Report), but no longer. BuzzFeed plotted Forbes’s academic rankings of colleges and universities against dating site DateMySchool’s hotness index, which measures the attractiveness of students by how much interest their dating profiles get. Schools in the top right of the graph above scored high in both. Then BuzzFeed weighted both ranks equally and tallied them up to determine our top ten.” Wow. Kind of ridiculous, right?

Anyhow, so which colleges ranked well in this college ranking? Carnegie Mellon placed tenth (69th in academics, 32nd in hotness). The University of Virginia placed ninth. UVA is 36th in academics and 40th in hotness. Harvard placed eighth with rankings of 6th in academics and 51st in hotness. Boston University, with a 98th place finish in academics and a 16th place finish in hotness, placed seventh. Boston College placed sixth (guess it pays to go to school in Boston)! BC ranked 26th in academics and 31st in hotness. Columbia University placed fifth with a 5 ranking in academics and a 37 ranking in sexiness.

The University of Pennsylvania placed fourth, ranking 17th in academics and 33rd in hotness. Princeton, topping the list in academics and coming in 36th in hotness, placed third. Dartmouth College placed second overall with a 34 ranking in academics and a 4 ranking in hotness (thereby making it the sexiest Ivy League college). Brown University, however, won this college ranking by placing 19th in academics and 5th in hotness.

Did you know that students were so attractive at Dartmouth and Brown? Let us know your thoughts on this very important matter by posting below! And read about another college ranking formula if it interests you here.

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