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UPenn graduates quite a few billionaires, as reports “Forbes.”

Wondering which university has graduated the most billionaires? Who doesn’t wake up with this pressing question about the alma maters of billionaires on their mind? Well, let’s satiate your curiosity. “Forbes” has come out with a ranking entitled “The 10 Schools That Produce The Most Forbes 400 Billionaires.” Nothing like a little bit of cross-promotion, right? It’s like “Forbes” is in conversation with itself. Perhaps we should call it “The Forbes Monologues.” We kid, we kid. So back to this intriguing ranking…

Billionaires Graduate From UPenn

The University of Pennsylvania has 18 alumni on the “Forbes 400.” Sure, there’s President Trump. But there’s also Elon Musk, Steve Wynn, and Steve Cohen. Warren Buffet happened to transfer from UPenn to the University of Nebraska. Warren’s a homebody — always has been. The runner-up to UPenn? That’d be Stanford University and Yale University — with 13 alumni each on the list. From a cofounder of Whatsapp to a cofounder of Snapchat, Stanford graduates shine in the tech biz. And the CEO of Blackstone and the founder of FedEx represent the Bulldogs on the list.

University of Southern California and Harvard each have 11 alumni on the “Forbes” ranking. USC happens to be the alma mater of “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, while Harvard boasts the former Microsoft CEO (and current LA Clippers owner) as well as an Airbnb cofounder. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, of course, are famous Harvard dropouts. Columbia University (8), University of Michigan (7), Dartmouth College (7), Duke University (6), and Cornell University (5) round out the top 10.

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