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May 8, 2015

A Funny College Ranking

Hinge has unveiled a funny college ranking. It’s been published on “Business Insider.”

“Business Insider” has published a piece on a college ranking conducted not by “US News & World Report,” but rather by Hinge. That’s right…the dating app Hinge. While Hinge isn’t as popular as Tinder, it is one of the more popular ones around (so we hear!). And so we figured we’d share with the loyal readers of our college admissions blog which colleges have the “most eligible” students and alumni. According to the piece on the Hinge college ranking in “Business Insider,” “Hinge curated its list of the most desirable universities using two criteria: attractiveness (the alumni from these universities have high ’swipe right’ rates on their profiles) and academic ranking, using US News & World Report’s competitive ranking of national universities, which doesn’t include liberal arts colleges.” For those not familiar with Hinge, if you swipe a person’s photo right on the app, that means you like them. If you swipe left, it means you don’t. It’s how people date these days. Or is it?

Anyhow, so which universities top the rankings? Among the top 30, Harvard ranked 28th (we’ll walk our readers through only the highly selective colleges within the top 30 in the interest of brevity). Emory ranked 27th, Brown 26th, Penn 23rd, Yale 22nd, Notre Dame 21st, Georgetown 18th, USC 17th, Dartmouth 15th, Princeton 13th, UNC 11th, BC 10th, Tulane 6th, UVA 5th, Duke 4th, Wake Forest 2nd, and which school takes the crown? It would be…drum roll please…Vanderbilt University. According to “Business Insider,” “These alumni are swiped right on 16.7% more than the average Hinge user.” And, as for the brains of Vandy students and alumni, “Brains: US News & World Report ranking: No. 16.”

What do you think of this particular funny college ranking? If you think it’s ridiculous, you are certainly not alone but we figured we’d share it for kicks. Hope you enjoyed. And if your university didn’t make this college ranking, fear not. It’ll all be ok! Oh, and this is surely not the first time “Business Insider” has reported on unique college rankings! And we’re quite certain it won’t be the last time either.

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