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September 29, 2021

2022 Wall Street Journal College Ranking

Harvard University is the topped ranked college in America, according to The Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education college ranking list (photo credit: Caroline Culler).

’Tis the season for college rankings. The Wall Street Journal has released its annual college ranking. And while no college ranking is as significant as that of US News & World Report (have a look at our take on the Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History episodes on the magazine’s ranking), every college admissions czar at elite universities will do a little happy dance if they perform well in other important college rankings — including The Wall Street Journal’s. So which universities ranked well in the 2022 Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education college ranking list?

Taking home the grand prize is Harvard University. Princeton University claims the runner-up position. Rounding out the top ten are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (#3), Yale University (#4), Duke University (#5), Brown University (#6), the California Institute of Technology (#7), Princeton University (#8), Johns Hopkins University (#9), and Northwestern University (#9). Next comes Cornell University (#11), the University of Pennsylvania (#12), Dartmouth College (#13), the University of Chicago (#14), Vanderbilt University (#15), Columbia University (#16), Washington University in St. Louis (#17), Rice University (#18), the University of Southern California (#19), and Emory University (#20).

So while Princeton may claim the grand prize year after year in the US News & World Report college ranking, it’s Harvard that claims the WSJ/THE college ranking grand prize, a title it has claimed many times in the past.

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