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September 13, 2021

2022 US News College Rankings

US News & World Report is considered the kingpin of the college rankings.

US News & World Report, the maker of the most important of the college rankings, has released its 2022 ranking of best national universities. If you aren’t already familiar with the significance of the annual US News ranking, we encourage you to check out our recent post highlighting Malcolm Gladwell’s overview of how the rankings came to be and how they — flawed as they are — helped catapult the publication to unprecedented heights. But without further ado, which school topped the 2022 US News best national university ranking? Wonder no more!

Princeton Claims the Top Spot for Tenth Consecutive Year

That would be Princeton University — for the tenth consecutive year. Yes, that’s ten years at the top for the New Jersey-based institution. Taking second in the ranking are three schools in a tie: Columbia University, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rounding out the top ten are: Yale University (#5), Stanford University (#6), the University of Chicago (#6), the University of Pennsylvania (#8), the California Institute of Technology (#9), Duke University (#9), Johns Hopkins (#9), and Northwestern University (#9). Next comes Dartmouth College (#13), Brown University (#14), Vanderbilt University (#14), Washington University in St. Louis (#14), Cornell University (#17), Rice University (#17), the University of Notre Dame (#19), the University of California, Los Angeles (#20), Emory University (#21), the University of California – Berkeley (#22), Georgetown University (#23), the University of Michigan (#23), Carnegie Mellon University (#25), and the University of Virginia (#25).

Duke Rises, USC Falls in Latest US News Ranking

So which schools moved up or down significantly as compared to last year? Columbia rose from #3 to #2. MIT rose from #4 to #2. Yale slipped from #4 to #5. Duke rose from #12 to #9, a significant jump. Wash U rose from #16 to #14. Cornell rose from #18 to #17. USC slipped from #24 to #27, a significant drop. And Carnegie Mellon and UVA both rose from #26 to #25. So among the top 25 universities, while Princeton admissions officers are surely celebrating their tenth straight year at the top, Duke admissions officers have something to celebrate too. It’s nice to climb from #12 to #9 all in a year’s time! On the other side of the coin, USC’s admissions officers are likely not jumping for joy today but, hey, at least they’re a couple of years removed from the Varsity Blues scandal? It’s all a matter of perspective.

And the next time an admissions officer at one of the aforementioned universities tells you that they don’t care about their US News & World Report ranking, know this: they care deeply about their ranking. The jobs of deans of admissions depend on their school’s placement in this annual ranking. So don’t let them fool you, not even for a second.

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