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September 4, 2019

2020 Wall Street Journal College Rankings

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Harvard University is once again the crown jewel of The Wall Street Journal’s annual college rankings.

Do you know how many admissions officers like to say at information sessions that college rankings don’t matter to them? Well, let those words go in one of your ears and out the other because college rankings matter big time to admissions officers — in spite of what they so often tell you to the contrary. And the kingpin of the college rankings, of course, is the US News & World Report annual ranking of colleges, which come out in just a few short days. But today, The Wall Street Journal released its annual ranking of colleges. Hey, The Wall Street Journal may not be the kingpin of college rankings but as Adam Sandler would sing it, it’s not too shabby. So which university topped this year’s Wall Street Journal college ranking?

Harvard Tops Overall WSJ College Ranking

That would be Harvard University, taking the Wall Street Journal crown yet again with the highest overall score among America’s universities. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology claimed the runner-up prize, while Yale University took bronze. The University of Pennsylvania (#4), the California Institute of Technology (#5), Princeton University (#5), Brown University (#7), Stanford University (#7), Cornell University (#9), and Duke University (#10) round out this year’s Wall Street Journal top ten.

Harvard and Princeton Top WSJ College Ranking by Student Outcome

But that wasn’t the only college ranking The Wall Street Journal published today. The newspaper also published a ranking of “schools for student outcomes” — schools ranked based on graduation rate, teaching reputation, graduate salaries, and student debt. Harvard University also topped this ranking, although this time in a tie with Princeton University. This dynamic duo is followed in the ranking by Duke University (#3), Yale University (#3), the University of Pennsylvania (#5), Stanford University (#5), Cornell University (#7), the California Institute of Technology (#8), Johns Hopkins University (#8), the University of Chicago (#10), and Dartmouth College (#10).

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