2020 US News College Rankings

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US News & World Report has released their 2020 college rankings.

US News & World Report has released its annual college ranking. For those unfamiliar with college rankings, lots of publications release annual college rankings but the kingpin of all college rankings is none other than US News & World Report. As we’ve liked to joke for decades, in parts of Asia, the US News & World Report college ranking is read as intensely as the Bible. So which university topped this year’s all-important ranking for best national university? For the eighth consecutive year, it’s Princeton University. Move over, Cal Ripken Jr. as Princeton has got a streak of its own going strong. But while Princeton remains at the top of the annual ranking of national universities, did other schools move up or down a bit this year?

UChicago Slips, UPenn Rises in 2020 US News College Ranking

The answer is yes. Like last year, Harvard University took second prize. Columbia University, Yale University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology took third. All three schools took third last year, too. But, last year, the University of Chicago also took third; UChicago slipped a bit this year to a three-way tie for sixth. Finishing in sixth this year are Stanford University (up from seventh last year), the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania (up from eighth last year). Placing ninth is Northwestern University (up from tenth). Duke University (down from eighth last year) and Johns Hopkins University (same as last year) tie for tenth.

The California Institute of Technology and Dartmouth College finish at 12th — just like last year. Then comes Brown University at 14th (same as last year), followed by the University of Notre Dame (up from 18th last year) and Vanderbilt University (down from 14th) in a tie for 15th. Cornell University and Rice University finish in a tie for 17th, both down from 16th last year. Washington University in St. Louis finishes in 19th (same as last year). And the University of California – Los Angeles (down from 19th last year) rounds out the top 20.

Check out the full ranking of best national universities in the 35th edition of US News & World Report‘s “Best Colleges.”


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  • Bev says:

    Why is Ivy Coach so fixated on the US News & World Rankings. Everyone in the education business is aware of how flawed this ranking is. Why are you not featuring other rankings like the Wall Street Journal/ Times Higher Ed Rankings which came out days ago? There is also Forbes and rankings by QS World University Rankings? Better yet, I think your customers/clients would love to see your assessment on a breakdown of the different rankings.

    • Ivy Coach says:

      We write about lots of college rankings, including The Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education ranking that you write we haven’t featured on our blog. We devoted a whole blog just to this ranking on September 4, 2019. Nonetheless, it’s the US News & World Report ranking that plays a more important role in the college admissions process so you bet we’ll focus more on that ranking. It’s at the heart of the entire admissions process.

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