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January 31, 2021

2020 LGBTQ-Friendly College Ranking

MIT has been ranked as one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly universities in America (photo credit: John Phelan).

Curious if a certain highly selective university is supportive of its LGBTQ+ community? Well, wonder no more as we’ve got the 2020 ranking of best colleges for LGBTQ+ students, as according to Campus Pride. Of course, we’ve cherrypicked the highly selective institutions from this list since the readers of this college admissions blog are interested in attending our nation’s most competitive universities (there are 900+ universities in America while there are only around 25+ highly selective institutions). So which schools made the cut?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology sure does, ranking 3rd! Princeton University ranks 4th, Tufts University 5th, the University of Virginia 6th, the University of Pennsylvania 7th, and Harvey Mudd College 10th. Rounding out the top 25 are the University of California, Los Angeles in 12th, Williams College in 16th, the University of California, San Diego in 17th, Columbia University in 22nd, and Emory University in 23rd.

As Campus Pride writes, “There are many important considerations students face when it comes to choosing the best college or university for them. These include the cost of tuition and housing, available financial aid, academic reputation, and campus size. Additionally, LGBTQ+ students are encouraged to research different schools based on the following criteria: LTBTQ+ campus safety, LGBTQ+ housing, LGBTQ+-friendly policies, counseling and mental health opportunities.

Ivy Coach salutes all of the universities that made this important ranking with particular kudos to MIT, Princeton, Tufts, UVA, and UPenn for their super strong showings! And, hey, it’s not the first time many of these institutions have performed well on similar rankings. Congratulations to all of these institutions for their important work in making their campuses so very friendly to the LGBTQ+ community. We see you. We appreciate you.

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