2019 Wall Street Journal College Rankings

WSJ College Ranking, 2019 College Ranking, Wall Street Journal College Ranking

Harvard is the grand prize winner of this year’s “Wall Street Journal” / “Times Higher Education” college ranking.

“The Wall Street Journal” has released its 2019 college ranking and which university should top the list? That would be Harvard University, the same school that topped the 2018 “Wall Street Journal” ranking. Now our readers may be wondering, “But Ivy Coach, there are so many college rankings by so many publications. Which one matters most?” The answer is that the “US News & World Report” college ranking, released annually in September, is the kingpin of the college rankings. In parts of our world, most notably in nations like China and South Korea, the “US News & World Report” ranking is essentially the bible of college admissions, as we have long argued. But that doesn’t mean colleges don’t care about the other rankings too…they just care about the “US News & World Report” ranking most of all. Oh and if a college admissions officer should suggest that their school doesn’t care about rankings, politely smile, nod your head in agreement, but know that you’ve just been told a big, fat fib.

2019 “Wall Street Journal” College Rankings

While Harvard topped the 2019 “Wall Street Journal” / “Times Higher Education” ranking, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology admissions office is likely quite pleased to see the university in second place after finishing in a tie for third just last year. Yale University placed third in this year’s ranking, up from sixth in 2018. Columbia University slipped from second to fourth this year. California Institute of Technology rose from seventh to fifth. Stanford University slipped from a tie for third to sixth. Brown University rose from a tie for eleventh to a tie for seventh. Duke University slipped from a tie for fifth to a tie for seventh. Princeton University, which has had a nice run topping the “US News & World Report” ranking, finished ninth this year in the “WSJ” ranking — just as it did last year. University of Pennsylvania rounds out the top ten, slipping from eighth last year.

What do our readers think of the 2019 “Wall Street Journal” / “Times Higher Education” ranking of colleges? Is it surprising that Princeton ranks ninth? Or that Stanford ranks sixth? Let us know your thoughts, your questions, and what you ate for breakfast by posting a Comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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  • AmusedParent says:

    There is too much variability in this ranking year to year, which calls into question its metrics. No college suddenly becomes so much better that it rises 3-4 spots in a year or falls 3-4 spots in a year.
    They are just trying to get a piece of the action and somehow differentiate themselves from the ranking that students and universities actually care about: The USNews ranking

  • AO says:

    Why this ranking is so much fluctuate? I don’t think the colleges actually change this much every year…

  • Sarah Matheson says:

    They fluctuate because they are in part based on STUDENT SURVEYS. Come on people, talk about your soft science.

  • Dan Kuehler says:

    Right. East coast newspaper. Mostly east coast schools. The authors need to get out more. Yawn. These Ivy schools are still generating lots of elite kids with poetry degrees. Wealth is being “invented” on the west coast.

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