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January 3, 2021

The Glitches of The Common Application

Many students applying to colleges around deadlines this year had to deal with Common App. glitches.

Over the years, we’ve chided The Common Application for their technical glitches, for asking a question that at times disadvantaged underrepresented minorities, and a whole host of other issues. Well, we’re not done yet. Today, we wish to scold them for, yes, more technical glitches. After all these years, you’d think Common App. would just get it right. Yet for many stressed out applicants applying around deadlines for submission this season, Common App. decided to gift these young people with added stress by telling them that it was past the deadline to submit to certain schools when in fact it was not past the deadline in their respective time zones. Yes, imagine working really hard on your applications and you’re now ready to submit but Common App. is telling you…it’s too late! Like college applicants need this added anxiety?

The Common App. soon posted a message on its Twitter feed stating, “We are aware that some Common App users are experiencing difficulties with submission. Our team is currently investigating the issue. Thank you so much for your patience.” But during all the minutes that passed in which students weren’t able to submit their applications and they were told it was past the deadline to do so, imagine all the stress Common App. caused to these young people and their parents. After all these years, you’d think Common App. would understand how time zones work and how to avoid asserting that it’s past the deadline to submit when in fact it is not.

And if you happen to think this didn’t impact many college applicants, think again. Apparently, according to Common App.’s Jenny Rickard, on 1/1/21, 1,035 students applied in the very last minute before the 1/2/21 deadline (topping last year’s record of 905 applicants). It was apparently a record for literally last minute submissions. So as Common App. was advertising how many students applied at the last minute, their platform literally wasn’t working for applicants who were attempting to submit their applications with well more than a minute to spare. Might we suggest that instead of marketing their platform as home to a lot of last minute submitters, they actually get their platform to work effectively? Just saying!

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