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November 8, 2010

The Common Application’s Discipline Question

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A parent should consult an attorney before a child chooses to check “yes” to the disciplinary question on The Common Application.

Thinking about checking “yes” to the discipline question on The Common Application? In our September 2008 newsletter, Discipline Questions on the College Application, we suggested that before students checked the “yes” box on The Common Application where it asked: “Have you ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime,” their parent should consult with an attorney. We said this because in many cases involving juveniles, the conviction may have been expunged and the record sealed.

We find it interesting that the legal department of The Common Application has finally gotten its act together. How do we know? Because on the 2010-2011 Common Application, the question now reads: “Have you ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime? Yes No [Note that you are not required to answer ’yes’ to this question, or provide an explanation, if the criminal adjudication or conviction has been expunged, sealed, aned, pardoned, destroyed, erased, impounded, or otherwise ordered by a court to be kept confidential.]”

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