A Salute to the Universal College Application

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Ivy Coach salutes the UCA for their inclusivity.

At Ivy Coach, we have long been a champion of the Universal College Application, that little underdog that could. Our Founder, Bev Taylor, even wrote a piece for “The Huffington Post” in which she raised the question if The Common Application was restraining trade by financially penalizing universities that didn’t offer their application on an exclusive basis. And, today, we’re once again proud to be a champion of the Universal College Application with the news that the application will now feature a gender identity question.

As expressed in a press release sent out today, “The 2016/2017 Universal College Application (UCA) powered by ApplicationsOnline, LLC will include a modification to its question about the sex of an applicant as well as add a new gender identity question. The modified question relating to the sex of an applicant continues to be a required question and changes from simply asking ‘Sex’ to now asking ‘Legal Sex.’ The options continue to be either ‘Female’ or ‘Male’, and the applicant must choose one response. This is done to more closely align with federal reporting guidelines. The new Gender Identity question is optional, and the choices are ‘Woman’, ‘Man’, ‘Self-Identify’ (with a free form text field). This enhancement to the Universal College Application provides applicants with another opportunity to more freely describe themselves.”

The Universal College Application has shown its support for the LGBT community. We salute them for it.

This is wonderful news for the Universal College Application as they seek to make their application more inclusive to members of the LGBT community. At Ivy Coach, we are mighty proud to be longtime champions of calling for changes in college admissions to promote more inclusivity, to foster LGBT equality on campuses across the nation. We are proud to call out colleges that don’t do enough for the LGBT community and we are proud to salute those that serve as trailblazers. Today, we salute the Universal College Application for these wonderfully inclusive changes.


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