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Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, has been quoted in the pages of Penn’s newspaper.

Bev Taylor, Founder of Ivy Coach, has been quoted (well, somewhat misquoted this time!) on the pages of “The Daily Pennsylvanian,” the newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania. In an article written by Bookyung Jo entitled ” Penn likely to join new college app platform, once it’s created,” it is written, “Ivy Coach founder Bev Taylor…is looking forward to the new system and said it will allow students to apply to more colleges.The Common App allows each student to apply up to 20 colleges, and using this other application will allow students to apply to even more schools. Taylor also feels that the Common App doesn’t give applicants enough flexibility, since it doesn’t allow for students to upload essays, which limits how creative they can be with content. Supplemental questions embedded in the Common App also create a lot of confusion among students, she said. ‘I think the Common App is way too restrictive,’ she added.”

Bev was a bit misquoted in this particular article on a new college application platform. The article implies that Bev supports applying to more than 20 colleges. That is the exact opposite of what Bev believes. In fact, Bev believes students should apply to about one college (i.e., through Early Decision). Applying to 20+ colleges is absurd if you ask us and it’s not the point that Bev was trying to make. We aim to correct misconceptions on our college admissions blog and, in this case, we have to correct the misconception that it’s advisable to apply to so many colleges. Because it isn’t. There is no possible way that a student can show genuine interest in that many colleges and if a student can’t show interest, it’s not even worth applying. Colleges want to be loved just as students want them to love them back. It’s funny how it works, right?

Anyhow, we’ve never been fans of The Common Application, as we’ve made very clear on our blog. The Common App. sure does have a lot of restrictions and a new college application platform could be a very good thing. But no matter how this new college application platform takes shape, we never support applying to so many schools. That’s crazy.

Bev was quoted on the pages of “The Daily Pennsylvanian” a couple of weeks back, too. If you so wish, read about her comments on Penn’s Early Decision stats.


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