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Data entered into The Common Application in 2015-2016 can roll over into 2016-2017. So juniors can start working on their Common Applications now.

High school juniors can now begin working on their Common Applications, not that it’s necessary to start working on it this early. After all, that’s what summer is for. But for this year, accounts created in 2015-2016 will indeed roll over and still work for 2016-2017. So that means the data that is entered will be preserved. Maybe this is The Common Application’s way of preparing for potential competition from the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success. But we suspect Common App. has nothing to worry about — since the Coalition for Access is half-baked at best, as we’ve articulated many times on the pages of our college admissions blog.

The Common Application has announced five things to know about being able to roll over the information from 2015-2016 to 2016-2017. Here they are:

“1. Students can create an account now at Accounts created this year will roll over. Any student who is not planning to enroll in college in the next 12 months should select “Other student” on the registration page.

2. The student’s user name and Common App ID will all be preserved. This means they will be able to sign in to next year’s application system using the same email address they used this year.

3. All Common App data will be preserved.

4. Counselors can introduce their students to the Common App and the college application process at a time that makes the most sense for their needs.

5.  When paired with Common App Ready, rollover provides you with a flexible, powerful advising tool.”

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  • Carter Maguire says:

    It’s now July 9 and I’d like to start filling out the college specific questions. But, I don’t think that will roll over on August 1. Also, I am concerned that those may not be the questions the colleges will use in 2016-2017. Do you have any information on this?

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