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Common App, Common Application, Common Application Issues

The Common App had lots of glitches yesterday as it went live.

Yesterday was the day the newly revised Common App went live and there were certainly a ton of Common App issues! It’s strange that the Common App would launch so, well, defectively. If you logged in yesterday, you’d have noticed that every time you went to a different page, a spinning wheel would pop up. It would spin and spin and spin. If you wanted to go to an amusement park, you probably would have gone to an amusement park…not logged into the Common Application. If you tried logging in and out to see if that would solve the problem, you’d be out of luck.

Also, none of the supplements were up yesterday on the site. How could the Common App launch their newly revised application without even including the supplements? So bizarre! It’s as though they weren’t fully prepared to launch yesterday but decided to anyway just because they said it would be up on that day. It was entirely unprofessional and for students logging in yesterday to try to start filling out the application, they were clearly out of luck.

What do you think about the Common App going live with so many technical glitches? Do you think they got enough complaints yesterday from guidance counselors, private college counselors, admissions officers, students, and parents to know never to do that again? Let us know your thoughts on any Common App issues that you might have by posting below. We look forward to hearing from you.


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