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Jennifer Karan of The College Board has shared an article on how high school students should get to know their guidance counselors early on to really plan out their high school experience.

We’ve been pretty critical of The College Board this year (remember the SAT that was going to be offered to students at Amherst College?). But this post isn’t about that SAT administration. It’s about getting to know your high school guidance counselor and how important it is to establish a relationship with him/her early on.

Jennifer Karan, the Executive Director of the SAT Program at The College Board, wrote a great article about how high school freshmen can take a more proactive approach with their education by planning towards college early. She suggests getting to know your guidance counselor right at the beginning of your high school career (always great advice). Your guidance counselor can help shape your course selection and discuss with you your extracurricular interests and activities. While high school guidance counselors are often overwhelmed (check out our infographic for some statistics on this), the more you get to know your guidance counselor, the more help he or she can be to you as you go about trying to get into a highly selective college. Developing that relationship is important (and don’t forget that your guidance counselor has to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf that is sent to all colleges to which you apply).

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  • Tejas P Reddy says:

    I am currently in 10th grade (will be graduating in 2016). I have registered for December 7th, 2013, SAT exam. Can you please confirm SAT scores are valid for 5 yrs and I could use these scores (Dec 7th exam results) for college applications, if the scores turn out good.


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