Highly Selective College Stars

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Sanjay Gupta featured students at highly selective colleges doing exceptional work on CNN’s “The Next List” (photo credit: Cubie King).

Do you want to know what kinds of students admissions officers at highly selective colleges seek to admit? Why don’t we give you a couple of examples of highly selective college stars — current undergrads who make their alma maters so very proud. It’s these kinds of students that admissions officers are in search of as they click through the thousands of submitted applications. They’re looking for Jean Sack of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, Jean seeks to dramatically increase the life expectancy of underwater vehicles by finding an alternative energy source for them. Impressive for sure (if we understood what that meant)!

They’re also looking for Riley Ennis of Dartmouth College, who is hoping to advance cancer research by improving the human immune system. And they’re looking for Param Jaggi of Vanderbilt University, who is is developing fairly inexpensive new technology to diminish our carbon footprint (i.e., a really cool device that goes on a car muffler). Jaggi also seems to have some basketball skills as he makes a couple of layups in traffic during a fraternity pickup game, as featured on CNN’s “The Next List” segment. Lastly, Sabha Salama and Karina Casias of the University of Southern California began Mural Project LA in the hope of preserving the murals all over the streets of Los Angeles. Pretty cool!

These students all attend highly selective universities and they were all featured on “The Next List,” hosted by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, himself a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Medical School. Boy he must be hurting this morning after such a valiant albeit unsuccessful title game last night. Congrats to the University of Michigan as well as to Rick Pitino and the University of Louisville. And, of course, Kevin Ware!


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