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A Duke University student claimed the top prize from “Entrepreneur Magazine.” And wait until you hear about his company!

At Ivy Coach, we love to highlight budding entrepreneurs from highly selective colleges. And, today, we’re highlighting a Duke University student — an enterprising sophomore — Bryan Silverman. Bryan Silverman was recently named by “Entrepreneur Magazine” as the top college entrepreneur of 2012. So what’d he create? The next social network? No. Rather, Silverman created a toilet paper venture. Yes, you read this correctly. Silverman’s startup “brings toilet paper advertising to the forefront of marketing,” according to the Facebook page of Star Toilet Paper. Their tagline? “Don’t rush, look before you flush.” Wow. We thought we’d seen it all. Apparently not!

Bryan Silverman’s brother, Jordan, initially came up with the idea when he was, according to “The Duke Chronicle” article on the Duke University student, “bored in the bathroom.” Jordan then approached “the smartest person [he knew].” That, to him, was his brother, Bryan. Jordan now works at Star Toilet Paper full-time, while we believe Bryan works part-time while he attends Duke. Their dream is to “make a toilet-paper empire,” according to Bryan Silverman as quoted in “The Duke Chronicle.”

We salute these two budding young entrepreneurs and wish their company well. Who knows, they might be onto something! What do you think about this company? What do you think of their product? Let us know your thoughts on the subject by posting below! We look forward to hearing from you.


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