Calhoun College at Yale

Calhoun College at Yale University, named after John C. Calhoun, the seventh vice president in American history, will be renamed after Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, it was announced today. Calhoun was an ardent supporter of slavery and so many in the Yale community, over the years but particularly over the … 

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Admission to Ivy League

A former Yale University professor, Bill Deresiewicz, told Stanford students that they, like their Ivy League counterparts, are “hoop-jumping, teacher-pleasing sheep.” According to the Stanford Daily’s take on Deresiewicz, “Elite university education is deficient because admission criteria are more than 100 years old; what admission offices look for in an … 

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Harvard University Admissions

According to an article written by Jeevan Vasagar entitled “Harvard admits record numbers of African-American and Latino Students” in the UK newspaper “The Guardian,” Harvard University is in record territory this year with its admissions statistics as they relate to minority applicants – specifically African American and Latino students. “While Oxford … 

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College Admissions Process

Summer melt is a term in the college admissions process when students who commit to attending a university change their mind.

Yale Recruitment

Now that admissions decisions have been sent out by admissions offices, the tables have turned. It’s now time for the admissions office to recruit its admitted applicants so that they will choose to attend their university. At Yale, according to “The Yale Daily News,” “The admssions office will use phone … 

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Yale University in Singapore

Yale University is partnering with the National University of Singapore to create a college in Singapore, the first school for Yale that is not located at its New Haven, Connecticut campus. Yale’s venture into Singapore is in line with the trend of American universities to broaden their global outreach by … 

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Score Choice or No Score Choice?

Nearly eight months after The College Board announced its cryptic new Score Choice policy, we are just beginning to get answers as to how some colleges are going to handle the reporting of SAT scores. As a result of all of the confusion surrounding the Score Choice announcement, some students … 

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