Record Applications to Yale’s Class of 2023

Yale University has received a record number of applications to its Class of 2023. In all, the school has received 36,829 applications — including both Early Action and Regular Decision applications. Last year, this same figure stood at 35,305. So total applications are up by a margin of 4.3% for … 

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Yale Application Numbers

Over the years, we’ve received some flack for stating that rising application numbers at highly selective colleges are not an indicator that these colleges are getting more selective in their admissions policies. Rather, these colleges are simply getting better and better at marketing themselves to applicants who have not even … 

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Yale Application Figures

Brian Taylor, Director of Ivy Coach, is featured today on the pages of “The Yale Daily News” in a piece by Tyler Foggatt entitled “Yale employs targeted outreach strategies” that we figured we’d share with our reader base. The piece focuses on how applications went up at each Ivy League … 

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Yale Applications

Among the eight Ivy League colleges, as Harvard and Dartmouth experienced application declines this admissions cycle, Yale applications rose 4.4%. The university is attributing the rise in applications to the efforts of the admissions office to reach out to low-income students. With 30,922 applications received this year compared to 29,611 … 

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Admission to Yale

Applicants applying for admission to Yale this fall through Single Choice Early Action should know that the pool is down by a whopping 18+%!