Yale Class of 2023 Early Action Statistics

Yale University has announced its Early Action admits to the Class of 2023. In all, 794 students earned admission yesterday to Yale this fall. These students join 55 students previously offered admission to Yale’s Class of 2023 through the QuestBridge program. These students were selected out of a pool of … 

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Yale Admission Stats

The Yale admission stats are in for 2013 and with an acceptance rate of 6.72%, Yale had its lowest admission rate in its history. Of the 29,610 students who applied to Yale this year, only 1,991 gained admission. This compares to 28,975 applicants to Yale last year and 1,973 admitted … 

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Yale Admissions Stats

Ivy League admissions offices like to spin admissions data. Yale’s spin this year in the “Yale Daily News” is utterly ridiculous.