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August 23, 2012

Writing Your College Essays

School is about to start if it hasn’t already in your neck of the woods! If you are a rising high school senior and you haven’t started writing your college essays, what on earth have you been waiting for? Are you waiting for schoolwork to pile up? Are you waiting to write you college essays in between studying for an AP Calculus exam and writing an AP Government paper? You must be kidding. We told you to start your college essays at the beginning of the summer. After all, during the summer months, you’ve got a much more relaxed schedule no matter what you’re doing. You’re not required to be in school for several hours every day. You don’t have nightly homework assignments. You’re not studying for important exams and writing important papers.

We don’t know why you chose to wait until the last minute but, if you have, the time is now to stop procrastinating! We’re approaching the beginning of the school year. Your coursework hasn’t starting piling up just yet. So sit down at your computer, close the door, don’t answer your phone, ignore your text messages, and write your college essays! Do you really want to waste more time? Do you really want to have to cram in your essays when you have little time to truly devote to them? Do you really want to submit subpar essays to the highly selective colleges that you hope to get into? We don’t think so!

It’s high time to prioritize. Tell your friends that you can’t see them for a while. Tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that movie will have to wait. Turn off your iphone! Seriously. Turn it off. No, not later. Now! It’s just facilitating your procrastination. Get going. Ready go. They’re only likely the single most important essays you’ll ever write in your whole life! We’re not kidding.

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