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August 7, 2014

Write Your College Admissions Essays

Writing College Essays, Write Your College Essays, College Essay Writing
Now is the time to write your college admissions essays (photo credit: Gavin Huang).

It’s August 7th. Now is the time when rising high school seniors should be working on their college admissions essays. From the Common Application Personal Statement to the many supplemental essays required of so many highly selective colleges, working on these admissions essays is a whole lot of work. Each essay must be powerful. Each essay must inspire an admissions officer to want to go to bat for an applicant. Each essay must shed insight into who an applicant is, into what makes them tick, and into what they’re all about. They should be a window into their world. The very best college essays are about small moments. They don’t try to tackle big issues. They don’t try to incorporate a student’s activities and accomplishments. That’s bragging. And bragging in college admissions essays is a definite thing to avoid.

If you choose to wait to start writing your college essays until September or October, you’re going to be very stressed. You’ll be inundated with schoolwork then — from studying for school exams to writing papers to maybe preparing for your last Subject Test exams or SAT or ACT administration. That is not the ideal time to be working on your college essays, which may well be the single most important pieces of writing you’ll ever write in your life. What are you doing now that you can’t be working on them? Watching TV? Doing some research during the day? Shooting some hoops? No more excuses. It’s time to get started.

If you’re interested in Ivy Coach’s assistance with your college admissions essays, we recommend that you contact us at once as now — not later — is the time to roll up your sleeves with these essays. We start with reading to you essays of our former students who gained admission to the college(s) of their dreams. It helps us brainstorm topics for your essays with you. It’ll help you come up with an idea to bounce off us. Or vice versa. Then, we go back and forth with revisions until we believe each essay is in outstanding shape for submission so that you have the best odds of getting into the college(s) of your dreams. The essays are a huge part of your applications, and powerful essays can make all the difference between a rejection and an acceptance!

Contact Ivy Coach today to get started working with you on your college admissions essays. We look forward to hearing from you!

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