The Why College Essay Is a Date

It’s a question on so many elite college application supplements: “Why do you wish to go here?” Sometimes the question is longwinded. Sometimes the question is just two words. But no matter how it’s phrased, make no mistake, the school is trying to gauge if the applicant has actually done … 

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Top Colleges Want Students Who Love Them

Penn asks the question. So does Cornell. Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Yale do, too. The list of highly selective colleges that asks the question goes on and on. So what question is it, you ask? The verbiage may be different depending on the school but the question is the same: … 

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Show Colleges You Love Them

In dating, sometimes it’s best to play it cool, aloof if you will. Maybe take a couple of days to write a date back. Maybe don’t tell them you love them and want to have babies with them on the very first date. And by maybe we mean definitely for … 

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Why College Essays Tip

We’d like to offer you a Why College essays tip. If you’re unfamiliar with Why College essays, it’s the essay on the application that asks students why they want to go to a particular college. This question is often posed in a variety of ways, but it’s always asking the … 

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The Why College Essay

Pepperdine University might be one of the most beautiful college campuses in the nation but focusing on its beauty in your college essay is ill-advised.